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Artists at the Artist's House - Silvia Santandrea, English italics

Artists at the Artist's House is a program of courses dedicated to various arts, to be held in the splendid Casa Museo Il Cardello in Casola Valsenio, where the writer Alfredo Oriani (1852 - 1909) spent most of his life.
The House Museum is a rare example of a 19th / 20th century Romagna stately home, perfectly furnished, and surrounded by a lush park, open to visitors on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from April to October.



Calligraphy, or the noble art of elegant writing, is experiencing a revaluation that may seem incredible in the era of the touch screen. In the hand that traces an elegant mark on the sheet there is an ancient wisdom, a balance of shapes, beauty in the detail. Silvia will teach us to write fluently in a calligraphic font that can also be used in everyday life, with ancient tools such as nibs and ink. Regaining the pleasure of writing will also help us to have a faster writing. Synonymous with elegance and classicism, English Italic is one of the best known and most appreciated calligraphic styles, characterized by a sharp contrast between thick and thin strokes that give rise to a very clear and balanced page of text.
The course is suitable for beginners.

Silvia Santandrea graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and is a teacher at the Art and Music High School of Forlì. He became passionate about calligraphy and began studying it in 2008. For three years he has been teaching the English cursive style at “Scrivere a Modo”, a school of Calligraphy, Miniature and Sign Painting in Bologna.

The course will deal with the teaching of the English cursive calligraphic font: historical notes, the signs that make up letters with ductus inclination and thicknesses, lowercase, uppercase, spaces between letters and words, how to layout a text.

The course will last 12 hours distributed as follows:
Saturday 21st May
2.00 pm: welcome and presentations
From 2.30pm to 6.30pm: The English Italic
Sunday 22nd May
From 9.00 to 13.00 and from 14.30 to 18.30: English Italic



Il Cardello House Museum

Via Cardello, 15
48032 Casola Valsenio RA


Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May


2 days



Course € 70 per person
Overnight stay + breakfast (course excluded)
Double single use 55 € per person
Double 88 € per room / 44 per person
Dinner € 22 with three-course menu, drinks not included


REGISTRATION with payment receipt made before 12.00 on Friday 13 May.

0546 71044


One-year membership card for the Ass. Artistic Cultural Creative Above Average.


The fee does not include the necessary material ** (see notes in evidence) and anything not indicated in "The fee includes".

Informations supplémentaires

Orario di ritrovo

** Necessary material

Nib (nikko g)
Oblique nib holder
Ink (Sumi or deep black)
Cloth for cleaning nib
Small container for water
Quality paper (Rodia, Favini, Fabriano)
Ruler, square, protractor, pencil, eraser.
The materials can be purchased on the calligraphystore.
In case of difficulty in finding it, it is possible to have the set at a cost of € 10, by requesting it at the time of registration.